Healthy Community Restaurant Forum

The Healthy Community Coalition holds a yearly forum for restaurants. Norman restaurants, learn how to add healthier options to your menus!

  • Portion sizes (sharing meals, ½ orders)
  • Lower calorie cooking methods
  • Incorporating fruits & vegetables
  • Putting add-ons on-the-side
  • Allowing substitutions


Restaurants Recognized for Menus with Healthy Choices

The following restaurants have successfully completed a free nutrition analysis approved by registered dietitians from the Healthy Community Coalition and sponsored by Norman Regional Health System signifying specific nutrition criteria has been met. The nutrition analysis consists of two parts and is based on a point system requiring a minimum of 75 points or higher to be deemed successful in offering healthier choices for their patrons. If there are questions or to request a copy of the point system please contact Sarah Barnes, MS RD/LD, NRHS Community Dietitian at (405) 307-5734 or Landon Norton, RD/LD, Oklahoma State Department of Health at (405) 271-9444 x 57140

The restaurants in purple have met or exceeded 90% on the nutrition analysis and hold a "purple" status!!

Norman Restaurants That Offer Healthy Choices

500 Ed Noble Pkwy
Norman, OK 73072
(405) 360-5883

3009 William Pereira
Norman, OK 73072
(405) 360-7444

1313 W. Lindsey
Norman, OK 73071
(405) 329-8888

300 Ed Noble Pkwy
Norman, OK 73072
(405) 360-0900

840 Ed Noble Pkwy
Norman, OK 73072
(405) 292-4467

Johnny Carino’s Country Italian
970 Ed Noble Pkwy
Norman, OK 73072
(405) 447-5000

Pepe Delgado’s
752 Asp Ave
Norman, OK 73069
(405) 321-6232

Jason’s Deli
950 Ed Noble Pkwy
Norman, OK 73072
(405) 360-3600

2000 W. Main St
Norman, Ok 73069
(405) 447-0000

Subway *
1020 N. Porter St
Norman, OK 73071
(405) 364-7571

Red Lobster
302 N. Interstate Dr
Norman, OK 73072
(405) 364-6724

Outback Steakhouse
860 N. Interstate Dr.
Norman, OK 73072
(405) 447-6770

* Other franchise locations included in the Norman area

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